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At Blue Pig, we create handmade, metal-stamped jewellery and gifts. Our passion is to turn ordinary sheets of metal into unique and personalised pieces that make for the perfect gift or a treat for yourself. Each product is individually hand-crafted, making it one of a kind. We take pride in helping people achieve their vision and be awesome at gift-giving.

At our farm in North Yorkshire, we create handmade products that are inspired by the beauty of the British countryside. From our carefully crafted items to our attention to detail, we strive to bring a touch of nature into your home. Explore our range and discover infinite possibilities to make your gift the most personal and sincere it can be.


I'm Hannah, the creative force behind this handmade business. I continuously create new products every month; shoot all the photography, manage all social media platforms, attend pop up markets and even update this webpage on a weekly basis. 


Blue Pig began back in 2019 when I  decided to leave university, with initially no plan and unsure of my future. However, I have always had a passion for creating but never considered it as a career. It was this passion that drove me to start selling my creations online. Interest and sales grew slowly, but in the right direction, with amazing customer feedback and a handful of regular customers, I knew I wanted to create something of my own, and that’s how Blue Pig was made.  I chose to call my business 'Blue Pig' in memory of my pig called Blue. The past few years have been an exciting journey. I have discovered an amazing network of like-minded people and attended markets and agricultural shows. Everything up to this point has been self-taught and I am proud of every product created.

Most of my products are predominantly inspired by the countryside. However, most recently, my sister was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer; known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer. To show my support, I have dedicated a special collection to not only raise awareness of the disease, but to also raise money for the charity that is helping her. I am committed to giving back and making a difference in our world.

I was 'made to create' and I'm sure there are others out there, just like me - who love and appreciate all things craft and nature. 



At Blue Pig, we only using 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. This conscious decision not only helps to reduce our environmental impact but also showcases and hopefully encourage others to make more sustainable decisions.

-Recycled Brown Card

-Environmentally Friendly Brown Kraft Tape

-Acid Free Shredded Paper

-Recycled Business Stickers

Recycled String

Cardboard Postal Boxes

-Cotton Gift Bags 

-Reusable Polishing Cloths



At Blue Pig we take pride in what we create and what we make our creations from. As a metalsmith its important for us to understand how metals behave and most importantly what is save to use.


Here is a little overview of what our products are made from and why we have chosen the use them.



Aluminium is soft and extremely lightweight and can be  easily manipulated.

Light weight, flexible, versatile, doesn't rust, easy to clean, eco-friendly, looks like sterling silver and is accessible/less expensive to alternative metals.

Health Benefits: Hypoallergenic and is often worn by those with metal allergies

Sterling Silver 92.5% 

Sterling silver is made up of pure silver 92.5% and 7.5% copper. The copper mix makes the silver more durable and resistant to scratches and bending.

Durable, Hypoallergenic, Timeless

Health Benefits: cooling properties, associated with emotional balance and reduces stress and silver is thought to contain antimicrobial properties that might support immune health

Oxidised Copper

Copper is extremely durable and can hold up well if properly looked after. Over time, copper will not rust but instead develop a natural green patina, which is completely harmless.

Unique colours, Durability, Many Health Benefits

Health Benefits : Anti-inflammatory properties that helps alleviate joint pain and stiffness. Enhances blood circulation and oxygenation of tissue. Aid in digestion and metabolic processes.

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