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Back in September 2022 my eldest sister was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast cancer at the age of 32. She has undergone chemotherapy for 6 months, mastectomy  in March 2023, and completed radiotherapy in June 2023. Test shown cancer was still present so she had to undergo addition chemotherapy for 10 months at Burnley Primrose Suite. Her journey and strength is truly inspirational.  Because of her, 100% of our Inflammatory Breast Cancer Collection will be donated to The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK Charity. As she carries on fighting and receiving treatment, its comforting to know every donation can help her and to give someone else a fighting chance.



Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a rare, aggressive and highly fatal form of breast cancer. In the UK, it makes up 2% of all breast cancers. It is often missed on scans and typically impacts younger people more than those that get regular screening (mammograms). IBC is diagnosed at Stage 3 which is already in Lymph nodes, or Stage 4 which has spread to other parts of the body. Signs of IBC include swelling, redness, heaviness, warmth, pain or lumps under the arms. Inflammatory breast cancer can develop quickly and may spread to other parts of the body. So, in general, the outlook with this type is not as good as for women diagnosed with other types of breast cancer. Treatment involves chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy. All treatment has been based on trails with 'normal' none IBC patients. 


The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK is the only UK charity that raises money for research into IBC. Unfortunately, this rare cancer is not recognised, nor supported by well-known, larger cancer charities. The research team at The University of Birmingham are learning about the unique environment that makes IBC one of the most aggressive and deadliest breast cancer. 

On Sunday 17th September, Ashleigh, with the support of her family and friends undertook the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge to raise funds and awareness for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


Pen-y-ghent (694m)

Whernside (736m)

Ingleborough (723m)


The aim to complete all three peaks in under

12 hours, whilst still on chemotherapy. 


Ashleigh is a true inspiration, she completed

this difficult feat in 11 hours and 48 minutes.

Her accomplishment proved that no obstacle

is too great when we come together with

determination and purpose. Ashleigh raised an

incredible £2,675 and counting; way exceeding

her original target of £1,000. This figure is a true reflection that determination and a lot of heart can go a long way. We are so honoured to witness her resilience and to be part of this worthy cause.





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