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Maxiumin charactors for both the above and below level is 7


At Blue Pig, all of our rings are handmade to order, to give flexibility on how you would ring your ring to be created e.g. size, font and texture.


All of our rings are made from Aluminium, a metal with natural anti-tarnish properties, therefore does not rush, nor make your finger go green


The best way to measure your size is to get a piece of string or strip of paper and wrap it around your desired finger. Mark where it overlaps then measure along a rular. Our rings can be slightly adjusted to different finger shapes and sizes. This is great as our fingers do change due to temperature, also great for people who have large PIP joints as well as a small finger.


Please bear in mind, these will be stamped by hand, please allow time and provide all the relivant details. Our aim is to complete orders within 3 working days. Also, please do not overbend your rings.

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