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Our Blue Pig rings are made from Aluminum, which has anti-tarnish properties and do not leave a green mark on the skin. The ring can be easily adjusted to your finger shape.


For personalised gift:

Please type out how you would like your initial to be stamped (using Uppercases or Lowercases) and spell check before placing the order. For example: "e" or "NE". Unfortuately, once the order has been processed; you will not be able to change your order nor request a replacement. Therefore please double check you are happy before paying for your item.


Ring Size: 

You can measure your ring size using either string or a strip of paper. Take one of these and wrap it around the base of your desired finger, marking where the string or paper first overlaps with a pen. Then line that up with a rular and note down its length in millimetres.


For example your finger is 62mm, opt for either 6mmx60mm or 10mmx60mm. If you were to size up, the ring will just slide off. There may be a gap by sizing down but the ring will still fit nice and comfortable on the finger.   


Please bear in mind all rings are made to order. They will be hand stamped and may look lightly different compared to the image. However, we will try our best to recreate your desired ring as closely as physically possible. All orders will be uploaded onto our Instagram story @_blue_pig. You are more than welcome to follow our Instagram page to view your order or contact us via our Instagram page or our contact form (found on our home page) if you have any questions before ordering.


All our rings will be presented in a little brown cardboard box.



Initial with Butterfly Wings : Band Ring