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Aluminium has anti-tarnish properties therefore does not rush nor make your finger turn green.

Please bear in mind all rings are made to order. They will be hand stamped and may look lightly different compared to the image. However, we will try our best to recreate your desired ring as closely as physically possible. All orders will be uploaded onto our Instagram story @_blue_pig. You are more than welcome to follow our Instagram page to view your order or contact us via our Instagram page or our contact form (found on our home page) if you have any questions before ordering.

All our rings will be presented in a little brown cardboard box.


Options: (width x length)

10mmx50mm, 10mmx60mm & 10mmx70mm

The best way to measure is to get a piece of string or a strip of paper and wrap it around your desired finger. Please mark where it overlaps then measure a long a ruler. Our rings can be slightly adjusted to different finger shapes and sizes. Naturally our fingers swell and change depending on the temperature. We have tried our best to carter for all type of customers. We have also considered people who may struggle to find the right ring for them as they have large PIP joints as well as thin fingers. For our cross over rings, the smaller the finger, the greater the cross over will be.

Initial with Ballerina : Wide Cuff Ring