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A personalised dog tag with a ball chain necklace

Dog Tag is Aluminium 

Silver Plated Chain  (60cm)



The following questions need to be answered to create your personalised dog tag necklace:


1.  What message would you like? Please type out how you would like it e.g. 'TOGETHER FOREVER NEVER APART MAYBE IN DISTANCE BUT ALWAYS AT HEART' or 'Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but always at heart'

Please note, the message sent will be apart so please punctuate properly and/or spell check. No refund will be granded if the message if their is a spelling mistake.


2.. The message to be vertical (hole at the top) or horizontal (hole to the left)

Your customised message  - can only be stamped on one side

-Stamped Vertically = (maximun of 24 character - 4 lines and 6 letters/spaces

- Stamped Horizontally = (maximum of 36 characters - 3 lines and 12 letters/spaces 

Please note is the message exceeds the maximum characters, a message will be sent via message to give you the option to change your persoanlised message. If there is no response but 3 working days. A refund will be sent and the sale will not be completed.


3. Black filled (helps the mesage to stand out) or unfilled 


4. Font : Typerwriter or Jupiter, both uppercase or lowercase available, punctunation and numbers are available 

Personalised Dog Tag Necklace with Chain

£9.00 Regular Price
£4.50Sale Price